Events This Weekend ( September 7-8 )

Posted on 04 Sep, 2019

Bombyx Storytelling Workshop (Saturday, September 7)

In a few fun, interactive hours, we’ll cover all the essentials, such as: what exactly is public storytelling (and what is unique about it), what makes for a good story, how to find the right story to tell, ways to structure your story for maximum effect, and proven preparation and performance tips.

Location: JAM

I'm Not Okay: A Tribute to 2000's Emo / Pop-Punk (Saturday, September 7)


Location: The Rock Pub - Bangkok`s House Of Rock

amBar Pool Party (Saturday, September 7)

JAXX ENTERTAINMENT X amBAR Bangkok Presented the most fun pool party in Bangkok.

Location: amBar Bangkok

555 w/ Michael Yume & Sunju Hargun (Saturday, September 7)

On Saturday, September 7 at 21:00 - close. 200 Baht entry - weird dance moves welcomed. Extra Soundsystem (Turbo Pro) from Michael Yume (Yume Records, UK) and Sunju Hargun (Karma Klique, TH)

Location: 12 x 12

Court to Common จากเวียงวังสู่ชาวบ้านร้านถิ่น (Saturday-Sunday, September 7-8)

"COURT" The music from the court. Nat Yontararak is brining back his successful composition Piano Sonata No.1 "Glory to Our Great Kings" a composition which combined the great melodies from the 3 musician Kings of the Chakri Dynasty (Rama II, VII and IX).
"COMMON" The music of the "commoners". Proudly present the newest composition, a novelty, Suite for Piano & Percussion "The Prodigal Son" by Nat Yontararak featuring Łukasz Kurzydło, well-accomplished Polish percussionist. The piece will be accompanied by Thai folk drama performance "Likay" performed by dancers of Christian Communications Institute, Payap University. The storyline is inspired from the Bible, "The Prodigal Son".

Location: Sala Sudasiri Sobha

Jaruwat Summer In Summary (Saturday-Sunday, September 7-8)

In the exhibition JARUWAT: Summer in Summary, the artist expresses whatever occurred last summer without any attempt to convey ‘the characteristics of summer.’ All he did is capturing moments, places, or people he found impressive during the last several months with his brushwork to display in this exhibition.

Location: The Jam Factory

Limerence #001 by Bruno Coq (Saturday-Sunday, September 7-8)

Between despair and ecstasy, Limerence #001 is a nano abstraction that finalizes a whole, an intrusive and obsessive dream. An unstable state. Using primary colour touches and after a long period of digital research, the artist uses a brush to pose the abstract elements that compose the work, like atoms forming a body, and plunge the viewer into abstract and concrete kinetics. Man reduced to the state of a printer is reflected in his resistance to the dehumanization of the modern world, regardless of the principle of reason. The woman, for her part, plays the main role in these re-humanizing portraits.

Location: Alliance française de Bangkok

"ก้าวนี้เพื่อทะเล" Amarin Run Save The Sea (Sunday, September 8)

Amarin Run Save The Sea. Running range, 5 km, 10 km, 21.1 km. Get your body fit and see you soon!

Location: สวนพุทธมมณฑลสาย 4

BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR 2019 (Sunday, September 8)

BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR is delighted to invite you to attend BANGKOK ART BOOK FAIR 2019, an annual event which its third edition will be held at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY with collaborations including independent artists, designers, illustrators, writers, academics, bloggers and editors as well as independent publishers, small publishing houses, distributors, galleries and contemporary art collectives from Thailand and abroad.


GOT7 Fan Fest 2019 ‘Seven Secrets’ in Bangkok (Thursday-Sunday, September 5-8)

Find out 7 secrets at GOT7 FAN FEST 2019 ‘SEVEN SECRETS’ IN BANGKOK with 7 special shows in 4 days for Thailand only. Let's enjoy the unpredictable fun together.

Location: Union mall



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