Events This Weekend (October 12-13)

Posted on 08 Oct, 2019

Are you feeling bored this week or want to have a memorable weekend? Look no further! Today, we bring to you a list of interesting events happening this weekend. Are you ready? Let's go!

Love Any Time from 5 September to 31 October


Love Any Time (Saturday, 12 October)

Love is in the air! Taiwanese artist Leland Lee believes there is love everywhere and at any time. If you believe in love, do not miss this colorful exhibition!

Location : River City Bangkok

Splash Pool Party 12 October ✭ Hip Hop

Splash Pool Party 12 October ✭ Hip Hop (Saturday, 12 October)

Hip hop fans wanting to get soakin’ wet and a little bit tipsy while dancing with some new friends, this is your calling! Get your tickets to the pool party at Aloft Bangkok - Sukhumvit 11. This party has new DJs that will bring the house down!

Location : Aloft Bangkok – Sukhumvit 11

Freshy Fest

Cornetto and Thailand Music Federation present Freshy Fest Concert (Saturday, 12 October)

This is the concert that brings these Thai artists, the freshest in the country, together. No matter how old you are, you can become a Freshy (Freshman) here, as experienced “senior” artists jam with fresh faces. Watch MILD, OUI BUDDHABLESS, ZOMMARIE, MEAN, D GERRARD, Telex Telexs, Nap a lean, Mints, Naina, Jo Tossakan, Paam, Pills, Rooftop, Ninew, Slapkiss, Alyn, Luss, Bean Napassorn, Fai Pathhaya  and more perform!

Location: Westgate Hall , Central Plaza Westgate

Happening Art Market: Animal Weekend

Happening Art Market: Animal Weekend (Saturday, 12 October)

This cute art flea market is perfect for animal lovers and all art lovers! We invite you to walk, chat and share fun experiences, meeting people with similar interests at this event!

Location : Dadfa


NOTHING Live in Bangkok (Saturday, 12 October)

If you want to release some stress from the week with a LOUD shout, then you have to attend this concert 'NOTHING Live in Bangkok'! NOTHING is an indie rock band from Philadelphia in the USA. A must for crazy punk, hardcore and grunge music fans!

Location : Wildest Youth

Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra - ซิมโฟนีคอนเสิร์ต

Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra - ซิมโฟนีคอนเสิร์ต (Sunday, 13 October)

This Orchestra from Hungary has received numerous awards for their excellent musical performances. With a rich, artistic history of over 100 years, the brave, unique sounds of the progressive style Concerto Budapest Symphony Orchestra will blow you away.

Location : Thailand Cultural Centre

Kinky Disco

Kinky Disco (Saturday, 12 October)

Anyone who never got over the disco era should relive sexy, dazzling moments at 'KINKY DISCO'. Hosted and Beats by DJ KC 

Location : Cactus Bangkok

Soft Pine “Major 13th, Love, Snake Plant” Album Launch Party

Soft Pine “Major 13th, Love, Snake Plant” Album Launch Party (Saturday, 12 October)

Soft Pine presents their first launch party, 'Major 13th, Love' in which you will bless your ears with a colorful, youthful, friendly sort of indie pop music. Are you ready to brighten your days and discover a great new band?

Location : De Commune

Arts Therapy Performance:การแสดงสดจำลองสภาวการณ์ในห้องศิลปะบำบัด

Arts Therapy Performance:การแสดงสดจำลองสภาวการณ์ในห้องศิลปะบำบัด (Saturday, 12 October)

If you are interest in art in the context of education and psychological therapy, don’t miss 'Arts Therapy Performance' at the BACC. This show will open your senses to new experiences where you will feel the process and come to an understanding of how art is used in therapy.

Location : หอศิลปวัฒนธรรมแห่งกรุงเทพมหานคร (BACC) Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Christina & Dome Concert Cruise

Christina & Dome Concert Cruise (Saturday, 12 October)

This special concert with Thai pop superstars Christina Aguila and Dome Pakorn Lum will set sail along the Chao Phraya River. What an exciting experience! This musical performance is enhanced by an international buffet and splendid views of some of Bangkok’s most famous landmarks such as Wat Arun and ICONSIAM.

Location : ท่าเรือโรงแรมริเวอร์ไซด์

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