Rock Shreller

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Rock Shreller is a Bangkok-based electronic pop band.

"Rock Shreller (or RS) began as an experimental electronic project when American producers Scott Heller and Jesse Maddox met in Bangkok and began to collaborate. The ideas would eventually take shape in their self titled debut album released in 2016, featuring collaborations with international artists. After garnering local media attention and critical acclaim for their sound and inspiring music videos, what had started out as a passion project, suddenly became a serious artistic venture.

RS went on to record the EP titled ‘Love & Death’ in 2017, again featuring collaborations and drawing influences from House, Techno, Hip Hop and Indie Rock. One of these talented featured artists was Niall Murray, a singer/songwriter from Scotland who started the wildly popular Bangkok-based rock group The Sangsom Massacre. Niall eventually joined the group on a full-time basis. The final addition to RS was Safir (Fiffi) Lackgren, a Thai-Swedish singer/songwriter who, with her strong pop and soul style, completed the band perfectly. The electro-rock-pop team of four went on to release the album ‘Wildly Inappropriate’ in March 2019.

The group became one of Bangkok’s hottest new live acts and have been attracting audiences with their unique sound and extravagant live shows. Their music has been on acclaimed Spotify playlists (Caltify MX, Novation, Sora Music), added to the library, blogged on sites like and even aired on Caribbean Broadcast Network’s FM stations.

In July of 2019, Niall needed to make a location and life change, and on the best of terms, he bowed out of RS and a new chapter began. With the only lead guitarist out of the band, Fiffi took on the role of the sole front singer. From then on, their sound has redirected back to its original electronic roots, with the now stronger sound of Fiffi's pop prowess as the charging force.

The future of Rock Shreller is now!"

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