Sagar Choksi

What's up

I have spent the past 16 years working on Close-up/Intimate style magic for adult audiences. I mainly utilize cards and coins, however I have also added a variety of other objects to diversify the experience.

Over the past few years, I have also been performing Mentalism and putting together stage acts for my corporate clients. My mentalism act often has themes that are similar to mind reading and predictions. These are interactive, fun, and unbelievable.

Whenever I perform, Ialways like to incorporate stories, anecdotes, and humour to make the show more meaningful, relatable, and entertaining. I believe a good illusion is created by great presentation, sleight of hand, plot, and direction.

I also believe that my education, travel, societal background helps me understand and interact in a more suitable fashion with my clientele. This allows for more adequate jokes, quips, and presentational plot points during the interaction.

If you really want to increase impact to your show, customise!

Get in touch with me early and I can try to customise my stage show and close-up sets to fit with your company, event theme, or message that you're trying to send.

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