The Rocket Whale

What's up

The Rocket Whale (TRW) original quintet back in 2012 formed a band that would challenge the best of them in music craftsmanship. The goal was to put their best foot forward in designing quality song writing and a strict attention to detail. Now the updated lineup is set on breaking new horizons.

TRW have always been a seasoned group of creative musicians from Bangkok aiming to craft an effects-driven sound. The music pays homage to early 2000's Post-Hardcore genre while bringing in the new of Alternative and Pop/Metal sensibilities.

The group have performed consistently in the local Thai and foreign live scene, gaining a steady fan base, even showcasing in Taiwan back in 2018. The band released their debudt EP 're-ve-rie' in the fourth quarter of 2017 and now have produced a new set of songs under their label HereR with their new formidable drummer, Mango.

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