What's up

Diaries was first found by K (Bassist) and Game (Drummer) after they graduated from high school. Later, the pair invited Arm(Vocal/Guitar) into the band and they became a trio band in the beginning. Which in the beginning K is the singer and bassist and Later, Arm becomes the singer of the band instead. we tried a lot in the first place, such as playing as a cover band, playing in bars and trying so many different types of music. And finally, we decided to settle down with old school sounds in such modern ways. we do not consider ourself vintagers even though vintage sounds are our base, so we try any stuff we think is suitable for our music – We three (K, Game and Arm) have played together long enough and we decided that we needed another guy to strengthen us. and finally Arm invited Boss (Guitarist) into the band. – Nowadays, We’ve been playing together for 4 years. Plus, our band has the feelings of aggressivity, groove, sexiness, rock n roll, hard rock and mellowness. which we make both thai and english songs.

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