Screening: Quiet Place in The Universe w/ 624175, iPlayAlone, & Gigamon

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Screening of experimental, stoner-postcard film 'Quiet Place in the Universe' by American photographer/filmmaker, Tyler Ludowitz. Shot entirely on super 8, the work documents his travels from The States and through Asia, through a gorgeous and at times unsettling cinematic experience. The screening will be followed by a live performance by Bangkok-based experimental acts.


Shot and Directed by Tyler Ludowitz, edited by John Appletone. After a summer working in a fish factory and sleeping in a car in Homer Alaska, traveler and filmmaker Tyler Ludowitz took a one way flight to India with nothing but a backpack, a super 8 camera and as little as two hours worth of film. Working with limited celluloid, Ludowitz had to be exceedingly selective with what he shot, sometimes going weeks without rolling the shutter. Quiet Place in the Universe documents his travels as he made his way through Thailand, China, and eventually back to the United States. The film he returned with is intensely brutal, wholly raw, and at times unexpectedly beautiful. Quiet Place sets itself apart by invoking a cinematic experience that is truly D.I.Y. to the fullest extreme. Quiet Place premiered on December 11th, 2012 at Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn New York.


Tyler Ludowitz is a filmmaker, photographer and world traveler originally from California. He has made two feature films, a five part web series and a music video for the band Yowie, which you can view at After traveling 40 countries over the span of 8 years he decided to settle down in Thailand. When he isn’t teaching English, he is exploring and shooting film around Bangkok and going to noise/experimental shows. And after years of being away , he is back in Bangkok again.


Previously known as F-, 624175 (pronounced GRAINS) is one of the still-active experimental artists until this day. After a decade of experience, he has experimented with quite a lot of things. And now he has been implementing the plan to go more multi-disciplinary as time goes by as he's been getting into numbers quite a lot recently.


Long-run solo project by multi-talented guitarist and instructor, Don Pengboon, who has played in so many styles of music ranging from Jazz to Metal. He always tries to do things beyond his strings while also incorporating other kinds of sonic synthesis in between.Gigamon

Solo experimental project by Sirapob Chanapai, the guitarist and bandleader of Yoga From Hell. He has been experimenting a lot on his pedal in his recent times. Even though still in development, you'll see him play something you may have never heard of.


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