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‘The Shophouse 1527’ is a 24 month-long project holding in Samyan shophouse which is turned into a temporary art house. The space contains monthly exhibitions showcasing the experimentation of altered space experience with interdisciplinary approaches such as installation art, performance art, digital art, urban art, and architecture. Moreover, we are collaborating with several creative professionals including, artists, designers, and architects, who generate works from different perspectives.

The exhibitions display the living archives of urban lifestyle from past to present, yet exposing the probable change in the near future. Additionally, the programmes inside are flexible following the occurring exhibition and collaborator; however, they are intended for sharing knowledge, public interaction, criticism, and aesthetics.

‘The Shophouse 1527’ is a venue for not only providing art experiences but also encouraging social engagement in nowadays community. This phenomenal change may contribute to more vibrant programs and communal spaces in Bangkok neighbourhoods that are currently encountering with the urbanisation.

Although the transformation of the city is undeniable, it is significant to convey the story of livings from generation to generation; and art could be the simplest tools to deliver.

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