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El Primero Is Still Número Uno

The first is still number one. From its beginnings as Bangkok’s original Mexican restaurant, Mexicano now builds on a foundation whose house is indeed the house of all for outstanding Mexican cuisine. 

For more than two decades, Bangkok diners and visiting guests from around the world have confirmed Señor Pico as the place for Mexican cuisine. For many years it was the only place for Mexican in town, although certainly not just any Mexican food. Back in 1993, the restaurant brought to Bangkok a true South-of-the-Border experience along with some inspired Cal-Tex culinary flair into the bargain.
It was amor straight away. Bangkokians loved not only the food but also the fiesta atmosphere, where every visit meant an animated ambience with plenty of music and good cheer. In addition servers who delighted in making guests welcome and getting all to join in the fun. Guests also appreciated the restaurant’s evolving menu, which adapted over the years to the increasingly sophisticated palates of Bangkok residents and visitors, many more of whom had traveled to or perhaps even lived in Mexico and so knew the cuisine well. As Bangkok became more cosmopolitan, so too did the Señor Pico approach to contemporary Mexican food.
So what’s changed?
Apart from a newly refined focus on authentic Mexican food, how it is prepared and presented that stay true to Mexico’s distinctive culinary heritage – what’s changed is the name. Señor Pico at Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok is now Mexicano. The new name illustrates that the focus on the old name revolving around a single person is no longer significant because what has proven to make this venue number one is the fun ambience and the great food. It is now perfect for anyone who appreciates and knows authentic Mexican cuisine and the many who wish to learn.
A Moveable Fiesta
That’s not to say new Mexicano represents change for change’s sake. In fact, Bangkok’s best Mexican restaurant will be getting even better. All that’s made the restaurant such a hit over the years remain but with refinements and enhancements to be made throughout. It’s not easy to stay número uno, but Mexicano will do it in style.
Of course, it takes more than style to stand apart. Mexicano has the substance too, namely in Chef Carlos Bravo, whose extensive knowledge of Mexico’s culinary traditions informs and elevates every dish. Chef Carlos is well supported by his kitchen brigade and diligently imparts his know-how to all restaurant staff: cooks learn recipes passed down to him across three generations, and they learn of the exacting preparation techniques he’s perfected as Bangkok’s top Mexican chef; Mexicano servers likewise master proper presentation of Mexican cuisine. All then perform with élan for guests every evening during dinner, including tableside, as well as for El Brunch, the best Mexican buffet in town every Saturday from noon to 3pm.
Keeping things lively just the same are bar staff who aren’t afraid to make a show of mixing things up, whether it’s a margarita, una paloma, maybe a sangria or any other tempting concoction. All of which they do right at a chic cocktail bar adjoining the main dining area, the bar staff’s expertise enhanced, no doubt, by the largest selection of premium tequilas in all of Thailand.
The cooking and serving of food with theatrical brio … the colorful drinks that transport guests to Los Cabos, Cozumel and beyond … the stage where energetic Mexican musicians play and no one’s shy about getting up and dancing – everything to do with Mexicano embodies the convivial fiesta culture of Mexico, where going out for a meal means settling in for a high-spirited good time.

¡Viva México and Thailand Too!
Does it all sound a bit familiar? That is, going to a restaurant for not only great food but also a great time? Perhaps no surprise if it does, not here in Thailand anyway. There’s no denying this country and Mexico have much in common when it comes to food, drink and fun, or sanuk if you like. Indeed the two countries’ similar dining cultures are what helped make Señor Pico a firm favorite in Bangkok for more than 20 years.
And they’re what will keep Mexicano a favorite in the years to come within what has since become a far more crowded Mexican restaurant sector in the city. 
Yet for a real taste of Mexico in Bangkok, look for the two blue notes of the Mexicano logo. Not only is turquoise blue a color synonymous with Mexico but in musical terms a blue note is one that, for expressive purposes, is sung or played at a slightly different pitch than standard to set it apart. In culinary and experiential terms find that stand apart quality at Mexicano, where they assure all the right notes are hit in an inspired medley of colors, sounds and, most importantly, the aromas and tastes of authentic Mexican cuisine. 
Our new direction and name change has given Señor Pico the opportunity to find a new and franchised home. You will, therefore, see his name around town but please note it has no connection with us at Rembrandt Hotel. He has been lovingly replaced by Mexicano.
Then, remember just one thing: el primero is still número uno.

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